The primary function of the Tamil Nadu Archives is to centralise and hold all permanent records, to arrange them chronologically;  preserve them on scientific lines, throw them open for historical research, and to make them  available promptly and readily for official reference.

The following are the activities and functions relating to general public and research scholars apart from the preservation of records and furnishing them to the Departments of Secretariat.

1. Issue of certified  copies/extracts of Tamil Nadu Government Gazette to public on requisition.

2. Supply of information to private individuals  (foreign as well as inland) about  family details, such as death, birth, marriages, employment, service particulars, etc., if available from the archival records on application.

3. Imparting training on Record Management and Conservation of Records for officials of private institutions besides those of  Government Departments.

4. Grant of permission to bonafide Scholars for doing  research work.  (M.Phil, Ph.d.)

5. Issue  of  photo copies of archival records to enrolled Research Scholars on payment.

6. Collection of private records of archival value from the public as per Central and State Rules/Acts.

7. Mending  of old records and books of private institutions and persons besides those of Government Departments.

8. Sale of Archival Publications.
9. Sale of District Gazetteers.
10. Conduct of Endowment Lectures.

11. Award of Research Fellowships through Tamil Nadu Council of Historical Research.

12. Admission of scholars for Ph.d., in Modern History.







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