TN Archives Library Building


The Archives Library is unique in its collections, which includes the rare books published right from 1663.  Organised in 1923, it can now boast of a collection of nearly  2.3 lakhs of books and periodicals in its collection. It is a research and reference library and not a lending library.

Illustrated list of rare books in the Library.



Sl.No.  Author                                   Title                                                    Year


  1.       Hanmer(Mondith.Cr.)             History of Ireland.                              1633


  2.       Henbert( Tho)                         Some years Travels into Africa  and   1638



  3.       Havert (Tamil)             Open on Van.Cormandel.                   1693


  4.       Ovington (E)                           Voyages to Surat.                               1696


  5.       Foyer (John)                            New Account of East India and         1698



  6 .      Dirom (Major)                         War with Tippu Sultan                        1793



  7.       Home                                      Select views in Mysore, the country   1794

                                                            of Tippu Sultan.

  8.       Wathem (James)                      Journey of a Voyage in 1811 and       1812

                                                            1812 to Madras and China.


  9.       Cannor (Richard)                    Historical Records of the Third, or     1842

                                                            Kings own regiment of Light            



 10.      Gover (Charles.E)                   Folk Songs of Southern India.            1871


 11.      Bharathi (Subramanya)           Bala Bharata (Journal) 1907-08          1908

                                                            Vol. 1.

                                                            1812 to Madras and China.


  12.     Govt. of Madras                     Journal of  Legislative Council of       1913

                                                            Fort. St.George.

                                                            (In parchment format)


  13.     --                                              Pulicatta or Pulicat                              1913


  14.     Rajagopalachari.C                   Jail Diary                                             1922


  15.     Hamilton (Alexandar)             New Account of the East India          1927

                                                            2 volumes.



Library Service

            The books preserved in the Archives Library are issued to the researchers enrolled with the Tamil Nadu Archives for pursuing M. Phil, Ph.D.post doctoral degrees and for other bonafide researchers on requisition.

Reprographic Facilities in the Library.

The Tamil Nadu Archives in collaboration with the Library of Congress of the USA, had microfilmed about 3732 rare books and in collaboration with the Roja Muthiah Library about 2394 books.  The microfilm copies are made available to the scholars for reference.


A scheme was formulated by Tamil Nadu Archives by which publishers  were permitted to select books preserved in the library which were more than  75 years old, which do not attract the Copy Right Act for publication on condition that they should spare  10 reprinted copies to Archives Library for preservation.  Under this scheme 48 Tamil and 9 English books were reprinted.







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