Preservation and Reprography


In 1920, a separate section for mending the records was started with six members were deputed to undergo training in mending at the Imperial Record Office, Calcutta in 1921, who in turn imparted in service training to other menders.  Now the preservation division consists of 39 skilled preservation clerks and 9 skilled binders. The brittle and old records are identified and mended using various techniques. They have  carved  a niche for themselves in the preservation of records among all the Archives.  The preservation methods includes flattening and minor repairs, full pasting, chiffon repair, Tissue repair, lamination with acetate foil and tissue paper, hand lamination and leaf casting.

Reprography Division

Reprography Division of the Archives Consists:

  • Microfilm Camera
  • Microfilm Processor
  • Duplicator (Microfilm Duplicator)
  • Microfilm Scanner
  • Book Scanner
  • Digital Photo Copier

Making Microfilm copies from available Original records is a continuous process in Tamil Nadu Archives.  Images from  Microfilm rolls are being converted into soft copy (Digital format) with the help of Microfilm scanner.

Book scanner is used for digitizing printed books from the Tamil Nadu Archives Library.  The demand from Research scholars for making photo copies from original documents consulted by them is met with the help of Photo copiers available in this Archives.










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